Vibez Fashion is all set to bring showmanship back to where it belongs– the glamorous and vibrant fashion Industry. They are an offshoot of Vibez Entertainment, a premier Event Management Company having clientele across Asia-Pacific ( Having worked and developed rapport with the who’s who in the Indian fashion Industry, Vibez Fashion has become the natural choice and a single window for reaching out to it. Their speciality lies in their ability to infuse fashion shows intelligently and seamlessly into Corporate Events. Having done that successfully for years, Vibez Fashion’s current vision is to create huge fashion events for businesses and gain global recognition for them. And with a fantastic team that goes all out to make things happen along with the confidence that comes from having received rave reviews for their past events, that day seems to be just round the corner. Grandeur, creativity and fantastic repertoire– that is what makes our events succeed. Even at the risk of being called boastful, we would say, “We have it, so we flaunt it!”

  1. Gautham
    Gautham Kanchan, simply known as “G” in the Industry, is the MD and the man behind Vibez Entertainment. An enterprising entrepreneur, entertainment guru and famous for his own signature ‘G Style’, Gautham is somebody you cannot ignore.


  2. Kammla
    Kammla comes from a school of thought that says “if someone can do it, we can do it better”. A great believer in quality, she embodies, lives and breathes the word “class”. With more than 15 years of experience in the service industry she has mastered the art of hospitality


  3. Raghunandan
    Raghunandan is an entrepreneur, go-getter and a visionary. He is a realist whose pragmatism helps the organisation thrive. He has the skills to scale up in any corporate environment. He is also the founder of Liquor Mart. His unique approach and vision


  4. Sharan Makhija
    An avid golfer who has played the game at the national level and won accolades for his talent and an astute businessman with an innate creative instinct Sharan Makhija has shown a flair, which belies his 30 years. As the CEO of Akar Advertising & Marketing


  5. Sharath Ashoka
    Inventive innovative and action oriented are the three words which define Sharath Ashoka. With his thrill for adventure sports, he is here to cross all marks of challenges. He strongly follows his passion in outdoor sports and believes that this passion drives him to achieve his goals.


Past events

Take a look at the snapshots and you will get a sneak peek into the kind of work we have done in 2012. Vibez Fashion looks forward to host some amazing Fashion Events in the near future which be of global repute and recognition

Our Clients

Our Clients are our biggest assets and the torchbearers of our success. Between our Vibez entertainment and us, we have clientele spread across the Asia Pacific and we look forward to bringing in more of glamour events for them.


  1. Arry Dabas

  2. Jackie Shetty

  3. Elvis Arnold

  4. Archana Akhil Kumar

  5. Mithali

  6. Rakesh Chengappa

  7. Priya Naik

  8. Sameer

  9. Priyanka Diwan

  10. Shakeel

  11. Rachel Bayros

  12. Vinod Rai Bagi

  13. Vibhinnita

  14. Registration


Flaunting what's in has always existed. Vibez Fashion believes in the "flaunt". With the most innovative approach to showcase creation with beauty , trusting Vibez Fashion is but the obvious.

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Vibez Fashion (A unit of Vibez Ent Pvt Ltd)

Level 15, Concorde Towers, UB City,1 Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore - 560 001, Karnataka, India.

Phone : 080 40300422

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border Testimonials

"It was an excellent show"

 Mr Ashok Kheny, Managing Director, NICE

"Vibez has always been an epitome in the industry and Vibez Fashion is another milestone in their endeavours, wishing them great success and accolades."

Mr Prem Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Uniworld Logistics

"A blend of perfection of style, beauty and flawless technology, appearance and sensibilities"

Mr Amar Kumar Pandey, IGP & Director, Karnataka Police Academy

"The show was handled exceptionally well.The stage & backdrops were outstanding & the production was fabulous"

Manoviraj Khosla.



"We had some amazing moments as being the styling partners for the show. We have seen some extremely talented artists, best of the models to pick from, and the total ambiance was just mind-blowing"

Jean-Claude Biguine

"Vibez Fashion has put grandeur and style back in fashion events. They have set a very high standard for everyone to follow ... This is what showmanship is about ! "

Tarunjeet Rattan

"The Return of Showmanship!"

This Week Bangalore

"It was a graceful and elegant evening, one befitting the status and brand value of the sponsors"

Adithya Mathew,Mercedes

"Vibez was able to catch the nerve of the business of fashion in its launch event itself. This was an example of immaculate execution of a fashion event."

Mr Dipak Agarwal, CEO, DLF

"Fashion Showmanship, executed to perfection...WOW"

Mr Mohan Manghnani, Chairman, New Horizon Group

"A show of verve, panache and color"

Mrs Jija Harisingh, Director General of Police, Govt. of Karnataka

"One of those rare do's"

Bangalore Times

"Smashing Event, It was great to be part of and witness an event executed so precisely well.. Avril's brilliant vocals, the Glamour, the Set, the Lights, the Clothes, the Harley Davidson bikes, the essence ... Wow!!"

Rachel Bayros

"Intersting Fashion showcase"

Deccan Chronicle

"Fabulous working with Vibez Fashion , Production was impeccable"

Sheetal Sharma,Fashion Choreographer

"Sky is the limit when its that's what it is for the world of fashion..."

Rj Prithvi 94.3 FM

"The show created an impact like never before, with fantastic lighting and visuals..."

@Fashion Bangalore

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